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is very pleased to announce that they have   
been accredited with ISO 14001 Environmental   
Management System as of May, 2000.    

Following certification of the international standard for quality assurance system ISO9001, the Second Factory of Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been accredited with ISO14001 Environmental Management System approved by Japan Quality Assurance Organization.


KEM started working on the environmental issue from the basis of a manufacturer of analytical products, began in December 1998 constructing own system initiative towards ISO14001 standards, and set in its operation in August 1999.

Once accredited with ISO14001 certification based on our efforts for environmental protection, we are ever more firmly determined, in pursuit of "Beautiful Coexistence of Man and the Earth", to address ourselves to the prevention of pollution on global scale through our production activities for analytical products while maintaining our resources for improving the quality of products on hand, thus contribute to the welfare of our society and human infrastructure.

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KEM is also accredited with ISO9001   
International Quality Standard!   


In March 1995, Kyoto Electronics was accredited with ISO 9002 for its production system of quality and reliability, which has long been KEM's motto since the beginning of its incorporation. Now this time, the upgraded international certificate ISO 9001 was given to Kyoto Electronics for its quality assurance system including Design and Service Divisions. Customers in the world-wide scale can be assured of the even better quality of analytical products out of the highly innovated and controlled-to-standard production system to be supplied from now onward.