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Tech Tips by K2 - Vol. 1

Problems ?

 The world is full of unanswered questions and mysteries beyond our comprehension.  For eons men have pondered the most basic of questions; How large is the universe?.... Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?.... Is there a God?.... Who invented green Jello?.... or more importantly, Why???   Like almost half of the human population, my most excellent response to these and other mind boggling issues would be to "go ask your mother!"   Yet, despite this intellectual prowess, this ongoing column will attempt to provide it's readers with factual information designed to enlighten and amaze our end-users and peers.

    Take for instance the common, yet ever so puzzling, question of "why does my titrator 'lock-up' or quit working every now-and-again?"  A very straight forward and simple question, deserving a simple response:  "Go ask your service tech's mother!"  So I did!  And she said that the most common, yet often overlooked cause of this frequently experienced problem was 'Bad Electrons'.  Not those that forget to brush their teeth after charging or say their prayers before becoming discharged, but those that refuse to go with the flow; the steady flow, that is.  Power spikes and variable voltages to your titrator can cause what the experts referred to as "MBFs or microprocessor brain farts"; confusion within the instrument's programmed logic.  Although MBFs can be very serious and sometimes very expensive to remedy once experienced, there is a simple solution to avoid these unwanted instrument maladies: POWER LINE CONDITIONERS.

    We strongly recommend to all our customers, especially those in or around a production environment, to place, at a minimum, a surge protection device between the electron emitter (wall outlet) and their titrator.  Remember, constant current to today's electronic instrumentation is like roughage in your diet; it keeps your titrator regular!

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