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Tech Tips by K2 - Vol. 2

Titrator Talk

    So your titrator wants to reach out and touch someone, or something?  No  problem, all intelligent beings have the need to communicate.  As humans, we all need to share our thoughts, emotions, desires, and dirty jokes.  But what happens when your titrator needs to share some dirty data with say a balance or a printer  or even the ultimate jokester, a computer?  As you may already be aware, interfacing today's sophisticated instrumentation can be a technological nightmare if you're ill informed or worse yet, a technoklutz.

    Fear not, help is on the way!  By remembering just a few basics, even I have learned to interface with the most socially sophisticated.  First, make sure the interface cable is correct.  Although two cans and a string make for great long distance communications, the string must be connected to the right tin cans.  If the RS232C cable you are attempting to connect utilizes inappropriate pin designations, you will have better success with tin cans and string. When ordering titration equipment from K2 Analytical, be sure to inform us of the manufacturer and model number of the device(s) you intend to "hook-up" to the titrator.  That way we can make sure that you have the correct cables."

    Second, make sure you are speaking the same language; communicating via sign language to a blind person could be considered politically incorrect.  The same is true for instrumentation; both pieces of equipment must be configured for the same baud rate (how fast they can talk while eating crackers), parity (the equipment's sexual orientation), and the number of stop bits (2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a Dollar...).  Be sure to check the operation manuals for the units you are attempting to interface and make the appropriate changes.  Should you encounter continued difficulty, feel free to contact the manufacturers or K2 Analytical for further support.

    Lastly, but to be considered first, never attempt to connect cables while the equipment is powered on!!!   Remember, "Bad Electrons" are everywhere and connecting RS232C cables to powered equipment can lead to MBF's (Microprocessor Brain Farts) or worse: electronic shorts (tiny pairs of plaid Bermudas or Boxers).

    For more information on interfacing KEM titrators, contact  K2 Analytical 
at (888) K2-TECHS.               We're Listening !!