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Tech Tips by K2 - Vol. 4

Shipping Advice

   The unbelievable has just happened:  you turn your KEM instrument on and nothing happens – you panic!  You turn it off and on again several times, but still nothing.  How can this be, you query???  After all, the instrument is only eight years old, and no, you have never had it serviced.  So whatever shall you do?

Since you’re now reading Tech Tips, you’ve obviously found your way to K2 Analytical.  And yes, we can help.  Though you have several options for receiving the medical attention your instrument requires, the most common option (i.e. the cheapest & quickest) would be to box the unit up and send it off to our expert Service Center at  K2 Analytical.

Shipping items via commercial delivery companies is usually quick and always without incident if the item happens to be a brick!  But because it’s an analytical instrument, special attention to packaging must be considered.  Several guidelines have been established by K2 Analytical to help insure the safe receipt of your instrumentation, and are highly recommended:

1)    The instrument should be carefully packed in a rugged cardboard box no smaller in size than to allow a minimum of 6 inches of packing material on all sides of the unit.  Since it would appear that most shipping departments employ men, or women educated by men, the requirement thus becomes a minimum of 24 inches of packing material or about ½ the length of a standard sheet of notebook paper.

2)  Packing material should consist of either pre-formed foam or high quality loose packing material.  Old candy wrappers, real popcorn (unpopped of course) and used underwear, despite the fact that it came from Victoria’s Secret, are not considered quality packing materials.

3)     Inside of the carton, the following information must be included:  a) Name (that would be your name, not titrator); b) Complete shipping address (your shipping address, most of us at  K2 already know ours); c) Telephone number (not to be used for phone sex); d) Description of problem (broke is good!); e) P.O. Number (stands for Purchase Order not Pissed Off!); and finally f) Complete billing address (though you want to get back at your ex-spouse, we prefer your company’s billing address).

4)    Shipping carton must be sealed with appropriate tape:  strapping tape or reinforced mailing tape; please no cellophane or unwound 8 track tape.

5)     Mark the outside of the shipping container with “Fragile, Delicate Instrument”.  If you choose to add “Do Not Drop”, please include the word “Not”! Delivery personal always follow all labeling directions, literally.

6)    Finally, if all else fails, be sure to insure your shipment with the carrier or be sure there’s enough petty cash at hand to replace your equipment.

By following these few simple suggestions, your instrument’s return to the Service Center will be a safe and fun journey.  Should you decide that vacation travel is not for your instrument, give  K2 Analytical a call.  We will be glad to schedule an on-site visit to meet your instrument service needs.