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Automatic Potentiometric Titrators

  APB-510 - Automatic Burette

Automatic burette APB-510
This is the dispensing unit to dose titrant or solvent.

  • Titration nozzle of burette is made of PTFE and two kinds of nozzle, anti-diffusion type and normal type, are attached as standard accessories.
  • Safety cover to protect glass burette.

Display LC display
Burette capacity 20mL brown glass burette
1,5,10,50mL (option)
Burette precision 1mL burette : ±0.005mL
5mL burette : ±0.01mL
10mL burette : ±0.015mL
20mL burette : ±0.02mL
50mL burette : ±0.05mL
Ambient condition 5-35°C, less than 85%RH
Power AC100 - 120/200 - 240 V
Specs set in plant
Power consumption 20W
Dimension 120(W) X 365(D) X 450(H)mm
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