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Automatic Potentiometric Titrators

  AT-610 - Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

photo of Automatic Potentiometric Titrator AT-610
This product won the outstanding technique award for Kyoto small-enterprises in 2004.

    • Adoption of a touch-screen oversized color LCD (8-inch wide)
    • Complete bilingual (English/Japanese) operations
    • Can perform two kinds of titration simultaneously in parallel
    • Simultaneous recordings of two different detection potentials such as pH-Transmittance, pH-Conductivity, pH-Temperature or the like
    • Can be combined with a Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator -- either Coulometric or Volumetric
    • Can store measured data or measurement conditions on a CF card
    • Can place the control unit and the titration unit in the separate site
    • More enhanced GLP/GMP features
    • Use of Platinum Thermal Resistor (Pt 100) for temperature measurement

Use: Industrial products, Medical goods, Food, Petroleum products, etc.
Kinds of titration Potentiometric (acid-base, redox, precipitation), Photometric, Conductometric and Polarization titrations, pH stat and pKa measurement
Detection range
1) Potential : -2000 - 2000 mV
2) pH : 0 - 14
3) Temperature : 0 - 100°C
Titration mode Blank, Auto Titration, Auto Intermit, Intermit, Petroleum Titlation
COD control and Stat control--Total 7 modes
Endpoint detection Titration form Full / EP Stop / Level Stop / Intersect / Level & EP titration
Data simulation Auto: Max inflection point, Set potential level, Intersection
Manual: Pinpoint (arbitrary point on titration curve), Manual intersection
Number of methods Standard method 50
Combined method 10
GLP support functions Registration of operators Max 50
Maintenance of electrodes Records of calibration, Display of records, Notification of calibration date
Titrant Notification of factor calibration and titrant replacement date, Warning of low-level titrant residue
Burette maintenance Notification of piston-head replacement date, Inspection of burette capacity and Records of inspection results
Titration features Inspection with standard substances, Records of inspection, Notification of inspection date
Ext. I/O COM port
(2 channels)
Printer, Electronic balance and Data Capture Software
(2 channels)
For titrating unit (AT and KF moisture titrator)

(1 channel)

For A4-size printer (Microline 22N, Oki Data)
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