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  JCSS Accredited Density Standard Liquid

  JCSS Accredited Density Standard Liquid 

JCSS LogomarkLogo mark is the symbol of an Accredited Calibration Laboratory based on the Measurement Low. Our Density Standard Liquid Laboratory is accredited as Accredited Calibration Laboratory in the field of density (The number “0115” is the JCSS accreditation number assigned for our density standard liquid laboratory). JCSS, Accredited Calibration Laboratories are assessed on JIS Q 17025:2000 (ISO/IEC 17025: 1999).

JCSS Accredited Density Liquids can be used to guarantee the quality of calibration for oscillation-type density meters.  KEM density standard liquid laboratory (JCSS Accreditation No.: 0115) has been supplying the JCSS accredited density standard liquids traceable to the specific standard (Spherical mono-crystal silicon) of National Measurement Standard (AIST) using the density hydrometer.

Density Standard Density(at 20°C) Uncertainty
Pure Water 0.99*** g/cm3 ±0.00003 g/cm3
Parts No. Description
988110076 2 vials of density standard liquid

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