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Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator MKA-520
   Most advanced Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

  • Titration nozzle of burette is made of PTFE and two kinds of nozzle, anti-diffusion type and normal type are attached as standard accessories.
  • Safety cover to protect glass burette.
  • Changing KF reagent can be made easily with simplified burette unit.
  • Built-in Manual solvent exchanger is now standard, which pumps solvent in and out of the titration vessel.
  • Allows automatic control of the ADP-511S Evaporator.
  • Fully conforms to GLP and GMP, plus FDA Part 11 with KF-Win/ER software Report can be printed out by the optional printer. Confirmation and recording measurement precision can be saved up to 100 samples. Up to 100 calibration results can be saved. Up to 10 operator names can be registered. Up to 10 sample names can be registered
  • Back titration can be made with two titration burettes.
  • Auto factor calibration with Water-in-methanol Standard.

Industrial products, pharmaceutical and petrochemical products, foods, etc.
Range 0.1mg - 500mgH2O, 10ppm - 100%H2O
Burette Capacity 10mL x 2
Precision ±0.015mL
Display 30 digits x 7 lines LCD with back light
External I/O 1. Printer
2. Balance
3. Computer via RS232C
Output H2O, concentration, dialogue messages
Ambient condition 5 - 35°C, less than 85%RH
Power 100 -120/200-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 35W
Dimension Main: 288(W) x 468(D) x 629(H) mm
Stirrer: 120(W) x 225(D) x 320(H) mm
Solvent change unit: 240(W) x 170(D) x 405(H) mm
Weight 13.5kg
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