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  Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator MKC-501-D

   This model is equipped with a generally used Two-component electrolytic cell
   (Diaphragm cell).
Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator


  • Low-cost model and yet same accuracy as MKC-520-D.
  • Can connect with your personal computer for further data processing.
  • Standard equipped interfaces for Balance, Printer and RS232C.


Applications: Industrial products, pharmaceutical, foods, petroleum products, etc.
Range 10µg - 100mg H2O
Sensitivity 0.1µg H2O
Display 1 lines x 16 digits LCD
External I/O * Printer
* Balance
* Computer via RS232C
Output H2O, concentration, dialogue messages
Ambient condition 5 - 35°C, below 85%RH

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