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  SOFT-CAPE - Data Capture Software

Data Capture Software SOFT-CAP Click to large Image

The Data Capture software compatible with Windows® 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP can connect your personal computer with various KEM analytical instruments via RS-232C port so that measurement results can be downloaded directly to Microsoft® Excel workbook or stored in CSV file format. Maximum four KEM instruments can be connected and controlled by this software, and the output data from each unit can be edited in the user’s desired format and saved in the file.

Features :

1. Measurement results from maximum four KEM instruments can be exported to Excel workbooks (compatible with Excel 97/2000/2002/2003).
2. The output data can also be filed in CSV format so that the data is made best use of in the user’s Excel spreadsheet.
3. Maximum four different KEM models can be connected with a computer or up to two instruments of the same model and another one or two units of different model can be linked simultaneously.
4. Data Capture works for KEM’s analytical instruments of the following models:
    Moisture Titrators:
MKA-610, MKA-520, MKS-520, MKA-510N, MKS-510N, MKA-510, MKS-510, MKS-500
    Coulometric KF Moisture Titrators:
MKC-610, MKC-510N, MKC-510, MKC-520,MKC-500, MKC-501
    Automatic Potentiometric Titrators:
AT-610, AT-510, AT-500N, AT-500, AT-420, AT-400
    Thermal Conductivity Meters:

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