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  Beer Analyzer - WBA-505B

  Beer Analyzer WBA-505B 

The WBA-505B Beer Analyzer can measure the essential parameters for the quality control of beers in breweries.  These parameters include Alcohol (wt% / vol%), Real Extract (wt%), Original Extract(°P), Apparent Extra°P), Real Fermentation (%) and Apparent Fermentation (%).
The sample amount required is about 20mL (degassed beer) and the measurement time is thee to five minutes per sample.

  Specification of WBA-505 General Concentration Meter
Type and model WBA-505 General Concentration Meter
Measuring method
Density measuring unit : Osciling U-tube
R.I. measuring unit : Optical detection of critical angle
with Na-D line (589.3mm)
Density measuring unit : 0.00000 - 3.00000g/cm3
R.I. measuring unit : 1.32000 - 1.58000
Density measuring unit : ±0.00005g/cm3 (calibrated with air and water)
[with auto viscosity correction feature]
R.I. measuring unit : ±0.00005 (at 1.32 - 1.40)
  : ±0.00010 (at 1.40 - 1.58)
Density measuring unit : ±0.00001g/cm3
R.I. measuring unit : ±0.00002
Temperature Rabge 15 - 50 °C
Temperature difference of densuty meter from R.I.
measurement can be separatery set within 15°C.
control precision
Min. sample amount Approximatery 5mL
Measurement time Manual: 1 - 4 minutes
Programmed (Auto) : 2 - 10 minutes
Display 240 x 64 dots with a backlit LCD
Displayed contents: density, specific gravity, oscillation time, temperature,
refractive index, concentration, guiding messages for measurement
Sampling method ASU-505 Auto sampling unit (option)
DATA I/O PC card for additionaldata storage and application methods
Auto or manual computation of mean value, SD and RSD as well as
re-calculation of statistics and deletion of unnecessary data
Concentration auto
Store data strings of concentration and density
Store and convert related formula for concentration and density
Store data strings of relation between concentration and refractive index
Store and convert related fomulas of concentration and refractive index
Extemal control Personal computer: RS-232C serial interface
External printer: RS-232C serial interface
AUX (bar code): RS-232C serial interface
Sample chenger: serial interface
PC card: conform to PCMCIA standard
Ambient conditions Temperature: 5 - 35°C
Humidity: Below 85% RH (subject no condensation)
Power sourse and
AC100V, 50/60Hz, 140W
Dimension 288(W) x 468(D) x 442(H) [mm]
Weight Approx, 19kg

  Technical data of WBA-505B Beer Analyzer

Item Resolution
Alcohol 0.01 wt%
Real extract 0.01 wt%
Original extract 0.01 °P
Apparent extract 0.01 °P
Real fermentation 0.1%
Apparent fermentation 0.1%
Repeatability Range
±0.02 wt% 0 - 8 wt%
±0.02 wt% 0 -12 wt%
±0.05 °P 0 - 20 °P
±0.01 °P 0 - 20 °P


  Specification of CHD-501 Multiple Sample Changer
Type and model CHD-501 Multiple Sample Changer
Number of vials Max. 24 vials
Minimum sample 10 mL
Sample vial 20 mL
Sample rack Turntable
Sampling method Built-in pressure pump
Auto processing steps Sampling, Drain, Rinse (2 solvents), Purge dry
Auto Calibration sequence Preset on measuring unit
Control Auto: Start on measuring unit
  Manual: With key-entry (no START key)
Display LED
Power source AC-100-120 V / 200-240 V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 40W
When connected to density meter: 140W
When connected to combination meter: 140W
Dimention 595(W) x 422(D) x 407(H) [mm]
Weight Approx. 16kg

WBA-505B systemchart

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